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Computer Science Seminar

Course Description:

Do you know what related work is relevant to your current research interests? What baselines should you study for your work? What quality measures should you consider for your selected literature? How to write your research proposal, reports and thesis? If not, this course is the best for you. During this course, we focus mainly on the research methodology aspects in the computer science. After participating in this course, you will learn how can you lead a high quality research works and how can you publish your results. The course is designed for second year postgraduate students and those who have not yet defended their thesis proposals.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course you will:

  • know the fundamentals of research methods in computer science
  • be able to find themes relevant and qualitative resources to your research goals
  • have a good knowledge of scientific writing
  • have a good knowledge of scientific problem definition
  • have a good knowledge of scientific presentation

Course Outline:

Week # When What Who Topic Slides Recordings
Week 01 23.09.20 Lecture Bohlouli Introduction to the research methods and Course logistics intro.pdf rec_week01
Week 02 30.09.20 Lecture Bohlouli Scholarly Qualitative Papers and Bibliographic definitions scholars.pdf rec_week02
Week 03 07.10.20 Lecture Bohlouli All about Bibliography and Referencing in Scientific Publications biblio.pdf rec_week03
Week 04 14.10.20 Lecture Bohlouli How to write a research Proposal? (Part 1) proposal.pdf rec_week04
Week 05 28.10.20 Lecture Bohlouli How to write research Proposal? (Part 2) proposal.pdf rec_week05
Week 06 05.11.20 Lecture Bohlouli How to write research Proposal? (Part 3) proposal.pdf rec_week06
Week 07 05.11.20 Lecture Bohlouli Lessons learned from Assignments assign.pdf rec_week07
Week 08 12.11.20 Lecture Bohlouli How to write research Proposal? (Part 4) Blackboard rec_week08
Week 09 26.11.20 Lecture Bohlouli How to write research Proposal? (Part 5) Blackboard rec_week09
Week 10 26.11.20 Lecture Bohlouli How to write research Proposal? (Part 6) Blackboard rec_week10
Semester Break
Week 11 27.12.20 Lecture Bohlouli Introduction to the second part of the course, project definitions intro2.pdf rec_week11
Week 12 07.01.21 Lecture Nazeri Introduction to Bibliography Softwares, deeper dive to JabRef jabref.pdf rec_week12
Week 13 14.01.21 Lecture Bohlouli Systematic Literature Review Papers system.pdf rec_week13
Week 14 21.01.21 Lecture Bohlouli A Research Survey Papers survey.pdf rec_week14
Week 15 28.01.21 Lecture Bohlouli Publishing Research results in the Conference Papers conf.pdf rec_week15
Week 16 04.02.21 Lecture Bohlouli Publishing Research results in the Journal Papers journal.pdf rec_week16
Week 17 11.02.21 Lecture Bohlouli rec_week17
Week 18 18.02.21 Lecture Bohlouli rec_week18
Week 19 25.02.21 Lecture Bohlouli rec_week19
Week 20 04.02.21 Lecture Bohlouli rec_week20


# Release Date Description Submission Deadline Source Files
1 01.11.20 The summary of suggested Research Topics 10th November 20 Course slides
2 01.11.20 The list of 10 most relevant Literature 19th November 20 Course slides
3 01.11.20 The summary of 5 Selected Literature 24th December 20 Course slides
4 01.11.20 The Final Version of Research Proposal 31st December 20 Course slides

Course Project Groups:

# Release date Topic Project Description Submission Due
1 05.01.2021 A Systematic Literature Review of COVID-19 and Artificial Intelligence Proj01_COVID19.pdf 15.03.2021
2 05.01.2021 A Survey on the Artificial Intelligence Support in handling the COVID-19 Proj02_COVID19.pdf 15.03.2021
3 05.01.2021 A Deep Learning supported COVID-19 diagnosis Proj03_COVID19.pdf 15.03.2021
4 05.01.2021 An analysis of Existing Datasets for COVID-19 research Proj04_COVID19.pdf 15.03.2021


Before commencing this course, you should:
  • have experiences and good knowledge of English language
  • have been well involved in the research activities


Class Time and Location:

  • Thursdays, 11:00 – 12:30 CET.
  • Given the current COVID-19 Situation, this semester, the class will be completely online.
  • You should first apply for approval through the following link. This link will be also the online course sessions every week.
  • Course Videos Link: [The link]

Course Links:

Course Signup and Management Link: []
Course Videos Link: [–4ql-wev-uvy]


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